About Us

Firework Consulting Group, LLC was formed in Allentown, Pennsylvania, United States with the simple idea to share digital communication knowledge with others. Our original “ClickSpeaks” social media series was created to help explain what can sometimes seem like complex modern marketing, but as our ideas grew we realized the need to guide companies (and individuals) in the newest forms of communications was stronger than we thought.

Beyond our ClickSpeaks products, Firework Consulting also offers consultative services on multiple continents and on-demand digital communications education. With students in over 100 countries, we assist companies who want to develop a successful communication plan and answer many of the questions today’s businesses encounter when faced with the ever-changing digital landscape. Above all, we always strive to educate, support and inspire others.

From a humble beginning with a small idea, to a culture where we now share and consult in communication strategy and tactic integration to companies of all sizes, today is a great time to tap into our knowledge and learn how Firework Consulting can help you.



Our staff has helped companies win numerous awards, including "Communicator Awards” for employee awareness publications, "W3" awards for online marketing, and even “ADDY” awards for excellence in graphic design.


About the Name

The name “Firework Consulting” comes from a social media presentation one of our Founders held for a corporation's Board of Directors. In the presentation a picture of fireworks was shown: The explanation was that managing social media was like running a continuous firework show… you send a mortar into the air, and when it explodes thousands of burning embers make up a sphere of light. As the embers burn out you must send another mortar into the air, and another, and another to keep the crowd entertained. It is with this idea that social media was described as a 24/7 “firework” show, where the initial mortar was a message published on social media and the embers were your followers reading and sharing it.


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