Here to Stay: An Introduction to Social Media - on USB Drive

$ 29.99

Do you wonder why social media is so popular? Why do so many people talk about it? How can you start using it yourself?

With so many people talking about Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Xing and other social media networks, plus the added confusion of new terms such as hashtags (#), handles (@), “likes,” “posts,” and more, it is no wonder why social media is so confusing.

This video is a clear and easy to follow introduction to the history of social media, the differences between “channels,” and how you can use social media yourself. Produced in the U.S.A., it is delivered to you on a physical USB drive - simply plug into your computer and open the video file. In about 20 minutes be able to better understand social media and learn how you can begin to use it personally!

Includes answers to commonly asked questions, explanations of basic social terms (such as the @ symbol and # hashtag), the main types of social media networks (personal networks, professional networks, blogging, media sharing, and more) plus insight on how to choose the right social network for you.

Delivered on a USB drive.