Your Social Business - Is Social Media Right for Your Business?

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How are American companies getting the most out of social media? Businesses who use social media to its fullest potential have updated their marketing and advertising strategies to include social networks as a major part of their plans. Learn how they gain trust and top-of-mind status with their current and future customers.

With almost a full hour of social media guidance for businesses of all types, this video is packed with knowledge. Main chapters include: The top three categories how social media is used in the business setting, the pros and cons of this media type, and evaluating your company’s potential in four key areas.

You'll learn:

  • Three top categories of free social media use and real-world examples of each type
  • The difference between Marketing, Public Relations, relationship-building, and Human Resource use of channels
  • Major pros and cons of using social media for companies
  • Helpful hints on time management and how/when to engage with the public
  • Fully evaluate and benchmark your potential in the social media space, including how to measure your company in four key areas

We provide discussion points and examples of small to medium-sized companies utilizing popular social sites; including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin and YouTube in a presentation-styled format.

This video is the best way to undoubtedly answer the question – How can I use social media for my business?

Video is a downloadable mp4 format.