Your Social Business - Is Social Media Right for Your Company? Special EXTENDED EDITION

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Using social media for a company is very different than personal use. In this exclusive extended edition course, you’ll learn top tips and tricks for business use of social networks.

You'll learn:

  • The three top categories how American companies use social media for free
  • See how other companies build and maintain relationships with current and prospective customers
  • Recognize the difference between marketing, public relations, relationship-building, and human resource usage
  • Understand what is good about using social media for a company (pros)
  • Understand the negative points of using social media for a company (cons)
  • Evaluate your potential usage of social media in four key areas: Placement, evaluation, competition, and content
  • Discover many different types of content you'll need for your company's networks
  • Get helpful hints on time management techniques and how/when to engage with fans and followers

    All educational material is from the perspective of how American companies use social media. This is a physical product – It is delivered on a USB drive for you to keep. As a BONUS, also included are a content suggestion/creation worksheet plus a sample competitive comparison spreadsheet – to help guide you on how to measure up against your competition on social media channels.

    View an overview and introduction to this special edition course:

    Successful use of social media in a business setting takes extra insight and planning. With the lessons included in this video you’ll have the knowledge necessary for social media mastery!

    Delivered on a 1GB USB drive.